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When driving a Ford Edge, Novi parents might want to take some longer trips with their kids. However, you know that kids can get quite restless when they are in a car for a prolonged period of time. There are some things you can do with your vehicle to make it comfortable for kids, even when trips are several hours long.

Back Window Screens

Kids might get a little annoyed when you are driving along and the sun is beating down into their windows. You can get screens that easily adhere to the windows with suction cups. This will block out most of the sun so that your child can sleep.

Back of Seat Storage

Having some toys in the car helps to keep kids busy, but you want to keep the toys contained and organized. You can get storage compartments that hang on the backs of the front seats. These usually have multiple pockets, so you can easily organize your kids toys and keep them off of the floor.

USB Ports

Many newer vehicles come with USB ports, but if yours does not have them, you can usually have them installed in less than a day. You can use these to keep devices charged so that your kids can play games and watch movies or television shows while you are on the road. You can also use these ports to play music through the car speakers if here you have some tunes that your kids enjoy.

Tablet Holders

If your kids want to watch a movie while you are driving, this can keep them busy for at least 90 minutes. You can find tablet holders that attach to the back of the front seats, so it works similar to a television screen. You simply set the tablet to the movie they are going to watch, pop it into the holder and it will stay in place while they are entertained.

Small Cooler

The Ford Edge is a spacious vehicle, so you can easily put a small cooler in the back that can be accessible for your kids. You can keep some water, juice and snacks in the cooler so that they can grab a snack when they get hungry. Just check the ice when you make your stops to see if you need to add more to keep everything cold.

With your Ford Edge in Novi, you have some options concerning how to make it a more kid-friendly vehicle. This means that you can enjoy those family trips and you can be confident that your kids will not get bored and restless, or uncomfortable, along the way.

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